Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Days

I haven't updated in 12 days! To my credit, it has been a crazy 12 days - classes started back, which meant my job started back; we have had tons of snow, and therefore tons of snow days. Snow days are great, but this is starting to cut into cancelling Spring Break, which will mess up my son's theater school class.

In the mean time I have had a blast with my kiddos (though one just got over being sick), read some great books and am learning a ton already this semester. The most interesting thing, by far, that I've been learning about is adolescence itself, and whether the turmoil that tweens and teens go through is truly biological in nature, or if it is a societal construct. Fascinating, and lots to think about!

EduCon begins today and I wish I could be there! However, today is my day off, so I will happily follow the tweets while curled up on my couch.

Here's hoping for more frequent (and better) blogging!

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