Saturday, January 15, 2011


FLIRT CLUB is a middle grades level book, dealing with a snapshot of time in the lives of two best friends, Annie Myers (Bean) and Izzy Mercer-Crow (Cisco). The book is written in an epistolary style; all of the story comes from notes stuffed into lockers, meeting minutes, and diary entries.

Izzy and Annie are shy, average middle school students who create the Flirt Club after deciding that they should try and come out of their shells a bit. In doing so, their social circle expands, they find hidden talents, and experience a bit of romance (and drama!) along the way.

This book is perfectly suited to the age group for which it is intended. The school climate and social groups are stereotypical, but will ring true for readers. The friendship between the girls is touching and sincere, and will likely be something that is envied. The characters are really entertaining, and I found myself laughing aloud a couple of times.

I would absolutely recommend this book to a student who wanted a light, fun read!

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