Monday, July 4, 2011

July on My Blog

Last month, I wasn't able to post much at all, because I was immersed in Dante and Burckhardt's take on the Italian Renaissance.
This month, I will be posting primarily course-related content, because I'm taking an EdTech course (yay!), where much of our writing assignments are in the form of blog posts. This means I likely won't get back to regular content at all until August, but I do have some wonderful books to share at that time.
I've still got one picture book that I want to share, as well as all three books in the Penderwicks series. So, stay tuned for some incredibly deep thoughts on technology related issues (ha!) or tune me out until I can return to regular programming. Either way, enjoy your summer and feel free to share your thoughts!


  1. Just post your book stuff in there, too. No reason not to. :)

    You can always tag the course work with educ628 or something to separate them out.

    It should be a fun month. (Altho I've been told I have an odd idea of "fun" on more than one occasion.)

  2. I definitely will continue to post my book stuff on here, if I have the time. It's just during the last summer session, I had time for little else. And the stuff we are studying in your class is directly related to things I am very interested in, anyway, so I will be happy to write about that for the majority of the month.

    I think it will be a fun class! I was really excited to see that you mentioned Tumblr, and I like the daily podcasts.