Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Me ... Jane

For my next couple of posts, I am deviating from my norm of covering only middle grades books. I have been reading some incredible picture books with my sons lately, and there are two that I just have to share! The first is, quite obviously, Me... Jane by Patrick McDonnell.

First in my list of reasons that you should literally go buy this book right now and treasure it forever, is that it is simply beautiful to look at. The illustrations are muted in earthy, but vibrant colors. The cover and pages are a wonderful matte. If this book isn't in the running for a Caldecott, I will be very surprised.

Secondly, this book is completely inspirational. It clearly chronicles how Jane held on to her childhood dreams and aspirations to grow up and accomplish exactly what she had planned. As an adult, reading this tugged on the heart strings, because it is so childlike, simplistic and lovely.

In reading it to my 7 year old I saw just how encouraging it could be, because he was just so excited that she actually grew up and did just what she had intended to do at 10 years old. From his perspective, it makes his dreams of being a space scientist all the more plausible.

This lovely picture book is a wonderful introduction and tribute to Jane Goodall, her quietly powerful life, and her incredible work.

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