Monday, December 13, 2010

Thoughts on Homework

I've been productive on this snow day - I've cleaned, played outside, and played countless games of checkers with my oldest son. I've also read some great tweets and blogs about the phenomenon of homework.

It turns out that many in the education community aren't happy with the practice, and find it unnecessary. I couldn't agree more! To sum up thoughts I've heard today that mesh with my own, homework shouldn't be something that is given simply because it always has been. It is a true hindrance in many families, and unnecessary busy work in others. It also relies on institution as opposed to reality and the distinct needs of students.

I've been so encouraged by finding all of these like-minded people. So much of what I've always thought and felt about education has been somewhat contradictory to what I've been learning in my courses, and I'm thrilled to learn there are people in the education field who have massive amounts of experience, yet still think the same way that I do about key parts of being an educator. chocolate time!

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